Quadro Decorativo Divas Graffiti Marylyn Heart

Divas Graffiti Marylin Heart Decorative Frame

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Size: 40x60cm


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We present the "Divas Graffiti Marilyn Heart Decorative Frame", a piece that captures the essence of the iconic Marilyn Monroe in a unique and passionate way. This work combines the sensuality and charisma of Marilyn, immortalized in cinema, with the energy and passion of street art, represented by the graffiti hearts.

Divas Graffiti Decorative Frame Audrey Diamond, Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe Living Room Decoration

Decorative Pictures for Living Room and Bedroom

Do you want to express love and passion through art in your living room or bedroom? The Divas Graffiti Marilyn Heart Decorative Frame is the perfect choice. With a design that mixes the romanticism of hearts with the irreverence of graffiti, this piece is the perfect combination of passion and urban style. Whether in a romantic bedroom or a contemporary living room, this painting will be the center of attention.

Romantic Decorative Frame

At TrendHaus, we believe that art can express the deepest feelings. Our line of romantic decorative paintings reflects this belief. The Divas Graffiti Marilyn Heart Decorative Frame is an example of this, combining elements of passion and contemporary art to create a unique and exciting piece.

Love, Cinema and Urban Art

The Divas Graffiti collection is a celebration of cinema's greatest stars, reinterpreted through the lens of urban art. Marilyn Monroe, with her sensuality and charisma, is transformed into a passionate and vibrant figure, ready to touch the hearts of those who admire her. This piece is more than just a decorative painting; it is a declaration of love for art, cinema and passion.

Decorative Pictures - Canvas Fabric Canvases | TrendHaus - Home Decoration

Features of Graffiti Divas Decorative Frames :

  • 100% cotton canvas fabric, ensuring durability and resistance to fading.
  • High resolution printing with waterproof ink.
  • Design inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe.
  • Perfect combination of street art and classic glamour.
  • Part of TrendHaus' exclusive Divas Graffiti Collection.

To reduce shipping costs and avoid damage in transit, we do not include frames on our pieces . You will only receive the screen, which will be carefully packaged and protected by resistant PVC tubes.

Especificações do Produto
{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"All of our canvases are made from 100% cotton canvas suitable for paintings, ensuring durability and resistance to fading. It is the same type of canvas fabric used in works of art and museums."}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The printing is done in high resolution with waterproof ink, ensuring the vibrancy of the colors and the sharpness of the details so that your work of art stands out."}]}]}
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