Vaso Decorativo Europe para Flores e Plantas | TrendHaus - Decoração para Casa
Vaso Decorativo Europe para Flores e Plantas 12x25,5 cm| TrendHaus - Decoração para Casa
Vaso Decorativo Europe para Flores e Plantas 12x31cm | TrendHaus - Decoração para Casa
Vasos Decorativos Europe para Flores e Plantas | TrendHaus - Decoração para Casa
Vaso Decorativo Europe para Flores e Plantas Girassol | TrendHaus - Decoração para Casa

Europe Decorative Vase

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Size: 31cm


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European elegance now at your fingertips. The TrendHaus Europe Decorative Vase is not just a decoration item, but an expression of luxury and sophistication. Its wooden base combined with tinted glass makes it more than a simple vase: it is a true work of art that promises to transform and elevate the aesthetics of any environment, whether filled with vibrant flowers or delicate plants.

Europe Decorative Vase for Rose Flowers | TrendHaus - Home Decoration

TrendHaus Decorative Vases

At TrendHaus , we understand that home decor goes beyond simple objects. That's why our decorative vases are carefully designed and produced, thinking about every detail. Whether for the living room, bedroom or any other environment, they are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, ideal for displaying your favorite flowers and plants.

Decorative Vases for Living Rooms

Vaso Europe is the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of refinement to their living room. Its luxurious and simplified design adapts to different decor styles, making it a versatile and timeless item. Perfect for bringing life to the environment with your flowers and plants.

Europe Decorative Vase for Flowers | TrendHaus - Home Decoration

Line of Decorative Vases at TrendHaus

TrendHaus is a reference when it comes to home decoration. Our complete line of vases and pots was created with you in mind, who seeks quality, design and durability. From decorative potted plants to larger table vases, we have options for all tastes and needs. And the best: all produced with the highest quality standards.

Features of Vaso Europe:

  • High quality material: Wooden base with glass vase.
  • Meticulous manufacturing process: High temperature, polishing, painting and electroplating.
  • Versatility: Ideal for home, office, hotel, store and more.
  • Unique style: Simplified luxury that matches different environments.
  • Safety First: Polished edges to prevent scratches.
  • Choose yours: Available in two sizes, 25.5 cm and 31 cm high, to adapt perfectly to your space.
Especificações do Produto
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