A Melhor Amiga da "MINHA" Casa - Uma Campanha Que Celebra Você

The Best Friend in "MY" House - A Campaign That Celebrates You

TrendHaus launches its new campaign celebrating the modern, empowered and authentic woman, who sees decoration as an extension of her personality.

Decorating a home is much more than simply choosing furniture and decorative objects. It is an expression of the personality, dreams and aspirations of those who live there. And, in this scenario, TrendHaus is proud to present its new campaign, which celebrates the modern woman, empowered and in charge of her own style.

The Essence of the Campaign

Our new campaign features portraits of diverse women, each with their own unique beauty, story and personality. Women who, like you, look to decoration as a way to express who they are and what they want for their lives. And, over these portraits, a powerful message: TrendHaus is the best friend of "MY" home. A subtle but meaningful intervention that places women at the center of their own narrative.

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Why "MY" Home?

Fashion, social media, magazines and TV shows can suggest trends and styles. But, at the end of the day, it is the woman who decides how she wants to decorate her space. She is the true artist, the creator of environments that reflect her essence. And it is this idea that we want to celebrate: authenticity, the power of choice and the ability to transform any space into a home.

The TrendHaus Manifesto

" At TrendHaus, we believe that every home has a story, and each story is unique. Decor is the canvas on which these stories are painted, where dreams become reality. And, at the center of this narrative, is the woman. She is the strength driving force, the creator of environments that exude beauty, comfort and refinement. With exclusive pieces and high quality products, TrendHaus is more than a sophisticated decoration brand. It is an ally, a friend who understands the desires of its consumers and the turns into reality. Because, at the end of the day, the true art of decoration is capturing the essence of who lives there. And that's why we proudly say: TrendHaus is 'MY' home's best friend." Highlights one of the brand's creators.

Home Decor and More

TrendHaus has always stood out for offering decoration options for the living room, bedroom decoration and all other areas in the house. But, with this campaign, we want to go further. We want to show that we understand what luxury is for the modern woman. Luxury is having choices, being able to express your personality in every detail of your home. It means being able to count on exclusive pieces, which combine good taste and refinement, to create environments that are true works of art.

Home Decoration | TrendHaus - My House's Best Friend

Connection and Identification

The objective of this campaign is to create an even deeper connection between TrendHaus and its consumers. We want every woman to see herself in the portraits, to identify with the stories told and to feel that TrendHaus is, in fact, her home's best friend. A friend who understands your needs, your desires and is always ready to help turn dreams into reality.

Decoration is an art form, and the woman is the artist. With the new TrendHaus campaign, we celebrate this idea and invite all women to join us on this journey of self-expression and empowerment. Because, at the end of the day, true beauty is in being authentic, in being yourself. And TrendHaus is here to help you shine even brighter.

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Read the campaign manifesto in full

TrendHaus: The Best Friend of "MY" Home

In a world where fashion and trends dictate what is "right" or "wrong", TrendHaus believes that every woman is the true artist of her own space. We are more than a brand; We are a companion on the journey of transforming houses into homes, reflecting the essence and style of each woman.

Home Decoration is not just about furniture and objects. It's about telling stories, reliving memories and creating new moments. Whether in Living Room Decoration , where families gather, or Bedroom Decoration , our personal refuge, TrendHaus understands that each space is a reflection of the soul of its owner.

Our collection, full of Exclusive Pieces , is designed for women who are not satisfied with the ordinary. Women who seek Sophisticated Decoration , which combines Luxury with personality, Good Taste with authenticity, Refinement with comfort.

Because we know that, in the end, it is the woman who decides. She chooses, she changes, she personalizes. TrendHaus can suggest, inspire and offer High Quality Products , but it is the woman who gives life and soul to every corner of her home. And that's why, in our new campaign, we celebrate this woman. The woman who says: "TrendHaus is MY house's best friend."

Our mission is to be more than a Home Decor brand. We want to be the bridge between dreams and reality, between desire and fulfillment. We want every woman to see herself in our products, feeling the perfect combination of Beauty and Comfort .

Because TrendHaus is not just about decoration. It's about empowerment. It's about celebrating individuality. It's about recognizing that each woman is unique and that her home should be a mirror of her essence.

So, to all women who seek more than trends, who seek to express themselves and recognize themselves in every detail of their home, TrendHaus says: We are here for you. And together, we will create spaces that are not just beautiful, but that tell your story.

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